Web Design & Online Marketing

Your website is from mid 2000!? You don't rank!?

Woa - so what you're saying is I can't just have my kid make me a quick website and expect the flood gates to open and leads to poor in? He's taking a web design class in high school!

That is precisely what we are saying.

The world wide web is a brutal, cutthroat environment. Things that worked last year don't help you one bit in search engine rankings today. Web surfers of the late '90s to mid 2000s have been replaced by sophisticated searching machines, complete with biased intelligence, that think they know exactly what experience they are seeking.

Delvingware's Web Design & Online Marketing team stays abreast of the constantly changing game of what users and search engines want tomorrow, allowing our clients to benefit from the integration of new and shiny strategies and design elements before they are yesterday's news.

Website Design & Development

Does your company own one of the millions of website domains in the world? More importantly, does your company represent a true presence within your industry and the search results related to your products and services online?

Only a few make that cut...

Web users are becoming more educated and less patient. They know what they are looking for, and if they don't find it, or if it is represented poorly, they are unforgiving. If you are not serving more, better content, in a user-friendly manner, you are losing customers right now.

We analyze hundreds of thousands of website visitors each month and consult with our clients on better ways to turn those visitors into conversions through website redesign, content development and online marketing.

Whether your enterprise needs a customized e-commerce solution, blog platform, or simply a professional portfolio/services website, our design and development team will work with you to create an online presence that will captivate and capture your users.

Already have a website you are happy with, but that just isn't performing in search engines or getting the traffic you think it should? Contact Us to see what our Online Marketing team can do for you.

Online Marketing Solutions

You should be blogging...

You have something to say, and your customers want to hear it. Whether its new products, groundbreaking services, valuable walkthroughs, or company news, the more valuable content you present, the more interactive your users will become.

An added bonus to increased interactivity is higher search rankings from additional pages that search engines such as Google and Bing index in their directories. Blogging on a regular basis increases your presence on the web significantly and can be what pushes you to that next level.

Social Marketing

Today everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare or one of the hundreds of other socially-inspired digital water coolers out there. They are hungry for interactivity and attention, and they have no problem sharing that cool website, picture, gadget or application that they found during their online adventures.

Your enterprise may not have a place in all of these spaces, and we won't act like it does, but through some basic industry analysis and reporting we can see where you do belong, get you started, and work together to build an online following centered around your brand and focused on ROI.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Advertisement is everywhere, and it is a huge industry.

What you get from many online pay-per-click (PPC) services is an unfocused, unmanaged attempt to throw banners and links on thousands of unrelated, useless websites that may return clicks, but not conversions.

The approach we use targets a much more focused group of potential customers with highly relevant advertisement and a goal of maximum conversion for minimum cost.


What your website, advertisements, blog posts and other content says is important. The words on the page are your hook, and they must be chosen strategically to captivate both potential clients and search engines robots.

Our Online Marketing team specializes in taking your message and baiting that hook with irresistible, figurative bait.

Content Syndication

White papers, press releases, industry specific articles and other unique content are highly valuable and sought after throughout the web. If you are willing to share this exceptional content, and give to your customer base, the return will be well worth it.

Through our extensive network, we can publish your content to hundreds of websites and services where it will find the right potential customers and then funnel them back to your website. Strategically placed marketing keywords and links will also provide an increase in search engine ranking and overall web presence.

Hosting Solutions

Need a robust, custom hosting solution for your website, applications, databases or E-mail?

Let us customize a plan that meets your needs now, and into the future.


Delvingware's mission is to provide top notch enterprise solutions in the software development, web design & development, online marketing and managed IT space.

Our team of Developers and Online Marketing Professionals have what it takes and are waiting for your challenge.