Software Development

Picture this: Rocket Scientists with Black Belts

Are we saying our developers are a cross between Einstein and Bruce Lee? Yeah, pretty much.

Everyone on the Delvingware Development Team has been waist deep in computer programming and development since they could type - they love what they do. Their experience, specialties, broad range of talents and personalities beg for a challenge, and we think you can come up with something that will push the envelope of today's technology and keep our team on their toes.

Have a look at the services on the right and let us know what you need to make your enterprise the rock star of your industry. Not seeing that specific software development service you're interested in? Contact us, let us know what your thinking, give us a minute to pick your brain, and we'll see what kind of solution we can design around your requirements.

ASP.NET Development Suite


Our free AsyncControls suite for ASP.NET allows developers to unleash their web applications and impress their users with a full suite of custom AJAX controls that require no javascript and are effortless to develop, migrate and deploy.

  • Over 30 AJAX server controls
  • All the abilities of regular ASP.NET controls, plus more
  • Bring the speed of instant callbacks to web apps with minimal code changes
  • Support for all major browsers across multiple platforms
  • Deploy as fast as standard ASP.NET controls
  • Requires NO javascript knowledge
  • Enhanced for low-bandwidth environments
  • Designed to leverage the original ASP.NET control methodologies
To learn more, visit the AsyncControls Suite website.

Windows & Macintosh Application Development

Whether large or small, if your enterprise has a software-related requirement that is not being satisfied by mainstream products, Delvingware has the resources and experience to develop the perfect solution.

Years of observation tell us that 60% of corporations are forced to implement workarounds within their off-the-shelf software just to do business. Fortunately, at Delvingware, we have all worked for those companies, witnessed the drawbacks of such software, and realize that off-the-shelf is very seldom a true solution.

If your corporation could benefit from a Windows or Macintosh software application that would remove the inefficiencies and add value to your day-to-day operation, lets make it happen.

Mobile Application & Game Development

In today’s busy world, everyone is forced to work longer, harder, more efficiently and with fewer resources. Our phones, tablets, laptops and PDAs are often our lifeline to business when we are not at the office, and we are requiring more from these devices every day.

Delvingware recognizes the future of mobile technology and is proud to offer custom application and game development, as well as website optimization for different mobile devices.

Mobile Platforms
  • Apple’s iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • WebOS / Palm

Business Intelligence Reporting

When the goal is to grow profits, there is nothing a company is more interested in than measuring key performance indicators and adjusting business protocol to increase efficiencies and cut cost.

Capturing, managing and building reports based on the data required for all the crucial decisions within an enterprise can be daunting. The true potential of all that information is very seldom organized for easy and proper analysis, and often goes unrealized.

Our business intelligence solutions allow the full potential of all your data to be exposed in a way that is thorough, at your fingertips, and pleasing to the eye.

If you find the reporting tools and methods being used at your company lacking, or even disheartening, let us demonstrate the power that truly visualizing your metrics can unleash.

Custom CRM Development

Your business is unique and different, but is likely forced to conform to tools and services that are broad and unfocused. Many companies use two or more enterprise-level software solutions to manage their day-to-day operations. You might enter quotes/orders in one, communicate in another, ship from this, and balance the books from that.

Your CRM is too inefficient!

What if your quote/order system was on one tab, and you just had to click on the “collect my money” tab to get to your billing, or “shipping” to monitor pending and shipped orders? What if every system seamlessly talked to the other? How much pain, suffering and time would that save you and your colleagues?

With Delvingware’s custom CRM solutions, we are able to redefine efficiency for your company, giving you the workflow that you need, without the restrictions of commercial “solutions”. We can then tie in our Business Intelligence Reporting platform to visualize the metrics within your new CRM, allowing you to utilize 100% of the data your company relies so heavily on.